If you do a quick search for the covers of British musician Ed Sheeran’s chartbuster Shape of You, you will come across a host of covers. Among them is one particular cover that stands out for Nepali viewers: the Jatayu Record’s rendition of the song, featuring vocals by Palsang Lama. The cover makes use of traditional Nepali instruments such as tabala and a sarangi among other and infuses the song with a unique Nepali flavor.

This is perhaps why the cover, within one month of its release, has received over 617,000 views on YouTube -sizeable feat for a Nepali cover of the song.

The post’s Alisha Sijapati recently caught up with Lama to talk about Jatayu Records – a newly formed record studio which has been continuously producing covers of Nepali and English songs – how the idea to cover Sharpe of You came about and further plans.

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